Terms & Conditions


I shall be liable as hirer of the above vehicle in respect of any of the offences and any excess charge or Penalty Charge referred to in any such legislation or orders in accordance with the conditions attached. I acknowledge that my liability shall extend to any other vehicle hired under the same agreement and to any period by which the original period of hire may be extended. I hereby agree to hire the above vehicle, on the terms and conditions set out herein, attached (a copy of which can be inspected at our office) and on the insurance policy.

I agree to return the vehicle by no later then 10 am on the last day of hire and understand there may be a charge deductible from the deposit paid if I do not comply with this. I agree to return the vehicle undamaged and in reasonably clean condition and understand that a deduction may be taken from the deposit if this is not the case.

I authorise the Lessor to obtain payment of the Total Charge, calculated in accordance with the tariff rates agreed, and any other sums due or which become due to the lessor, by debiting the card no, given, or the account referred to above